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Soothing Environments is dedicated to making the world a more relaxing, soothing, pleasant place. We think people are happier and healthier when they get to enjoy the stimulation of nature. We use various media to shape the ambient atmosphere in a way that helps people to relax, reflect and enjoy. As the world becomes faster, louder and more complicated we find it more and more essential to create space for the mind. Technology allows us to bring distant locations home and enhance design and architecture with the beauty of nature. Soothing Environments is based in New York City.

"My 16 month old was really sick last week with a fever and crying non stop. when I put your ambient DVD on he could not take his eyes off the screen. He was instantly calm and distracted. It was bliss for me on so many levels! Thank you so much!"
Heather, Philadelphia
"Got your DVD's and I am so happy with them! I'm a workaholic who has not had a vacation in over 10 years and let me tell you the DVD's are very relaxing. The surround sound is great on my home theater system, the pictures crystal clear - and the timer feature a total plus. Thanks for the virtual vacation!"
Ravin , CEO, Phoenix AZ
"I put the DVDs on my computer, and now I'm totally blissed out! Great, now I'll never get any work done! I like that they don't have music, that instead you feel like you are really there."
Jillian, Buyer at East West Books, NYC
"I just wanted to say that the DVD I bought is truly amazing. Living in NYC and finding it hard to get a peaceful moment, I turn it on while i'm having my morning tea and it just saturates my whole body, and day. I even tried sleeping with it once and found it surprisingly like sleeping next to the ocean, one of my favorite things. I woke in the morning feeling far more rested than usual. The production quality on these is pretty amazing. Enjoy!"
Chris, NYC
"I've seen a few DVD's with a similar slant and let me tell you they just didn't compare. The Soothing Environments ambient relaxation DVD's are in a league of their own. They DVD's bring such happiness to me every time I put them on. The video is absolutely beautiful and the sounds are so soothing. They're really well done. Thanks so much!"
Amy, San Franciso

"It usually takes me a long time to fall asleep and I was so surprised at how easily this happened when I simply put my soothingenvironments DVD in around bed time. thanks"

Sara, Portland OR
" The dvd's are great! I've been putting them on every morning while I have my coffee and get ready. It really starts the day off right!"
Steve, Copywriter, Chicago
"I received my Soothingenvironments DVD during a very stressful time of year. The DVD immediately took me away and made me feel peaceful and calm. It's really great. Thank you.
Tina, Milwaukee WI
.."Wow, this is what my life has been missing. My girlfriend and I love the dvd. Nice work. Its soooo good!"
Kohl, TV Commercial Director, NYC
.."It took a moment for me to get used to the idea of having something on my TV that I wasn't watching actively, but the power of Soothing Environments is amazing! It seeps into my mind passively, providing a feeling of relaxation that ultimately helps me feel more focused. I love it!"
Bruno, Business Owner, New York
"I've had restlessness at night and insomnia on and off for years. The Soothing Environments DVD's really help me relax at bedtime. The sleeping timer on "Costa Rica Ocean Transitions" is really great. I love that I can let my mind go watching the ocean and close my eyes when I'm getting sleepy, while the TV fades out. It lets me ease in to sleep.
Natalia, Art Dealer, California
..."It's so easy to get run down by my hectic schedule and the constant demands on my time. I like to leave the Pacific Rhythms DVD on anytime at I'm at home. It takes me out of the grind of my daily routine and reminds me what an amazing and beautiful world we live in."...
Jen, Musician/Music Teacher, New York
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