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  Enjoy terrific health benefits with Soothing Environments:
  Many studies have linked exposure to the stimulation of natural scenery with lowered stress levels and deep relaxation. This can help to decrease muscle tension, lower blood pressure and strengthen the immune system. Soothing Environments DVDs are an excellent source of this kind of stimulation. They are amazing at helping your mind and body rebound from the stresses of every day life and can also be an exceptional companion for those undergoing unusual stresses, from recovering after surgery to undergoing chemotherapy.
  Wake up naturally to Soothing Environments:
  Instead of jarring yourself awake with an abrupt alarm in the morning, set the wake timer on our DVDs to let you wake up gradually and naturally with a beautiful sunrise over the ocean. This way your mind can slowly be stimulated and awakened by something soothing and peaceful. We don't recommend eliminating your alarm altogether though. After all, you don't want to miss work by laying around on the beach all morning, no matter how great it is. Do you?
  Clear your mind at night:
  Watching Soothing Environments before bed can help you relax and unwind. It can also help clear your mind for better dreaming and more restful sleep. The sleep timer on "Costa Rica Ocean Transitions" lets you choose how long you'd like to experience the ocean before the sun sets, leaving you in the darkness of night. It's great for insomnia.
  If your TV is glowing in a dark room when using our timer features, turn down the brightness:
  In our testing, we found that some TVs are set with a brightness that gives off a light glow even when showing something black. If you find that this is the case and it's bothering you when you're trying to sleep, it can be eliminated by turning down the brightness on your TV. In addition, you may be able to set a timer for your TV to turn on or off, which can help save electricity.
  Connect your breath to the rhythms of the ocean:
  Proper breathing is very important to your relaxation. Remember to be conscious of your breath when relaxing to Soothing Environments. Try to take deep and full breaths and connect your breath to the rhythms of the ocean and your mind and body.
  Make sure your sound is selected properly:
  Select your audio at the beginning of the DVD's. If it's selected improperly you either won't get the full surround sound mix on your home theater or the 5.1 mix will sound a little strange on your 2.0 TV speakers or headphones.
  What's the difference between "Pacific Rhythms" and "Ocean Transitions"?
  Pacific Rhythms gives you 12 different ocean scenes, each with it's own beautiful look and feel. They run around 10 minutes apiece, except for the 2 sunrise scenes which last longer. Ocean Transitions gives you 4 different scenes which are all much longer. With Ocean transitions, you experience the changing light and colors as the sun sets and rises over the ocean. In one scene, you get to see the sun go from high in the sky, as it sets, all the way to complete darkness, with all the beautiful changes in between. This DVD also has a built in sleep timer so you can set how long you want before the environment fades to night leaving your room in darkness. Both DVD's have over 2 hours of beautiful video with stereo and surround sound options. Both DVD's have timers so you can set your DVD to wake up to the ocean.
  How will these DVD's look on my widescreen plasma TV?
  Our DVD's look amazing on widescreen and HDTV's! We have formatted them for the 4:3 aspect ratio to take advantage of the largest normal DVD resolution but the shots have been composed in a way that looks absolutely terrific on a widescreen!
  What's your return policy?
  We are sure that you'll love our DVD's. The quality is simply unrivaled. If for any reason you decide they aren't for you, you can return them up to 14 days after you receive them for a full refund of your purchase price.
  Will you ship internationally?
  Our DVD's are region free and will play in any NTSC DVD player (NTSC is the standard in North America, Japan and many other places) We will be happy to ship DVD's to you anywhere in the world. Just drop us a note first to see how much shipping will cost.
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